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Rules & Guidelines

Our AATYC Centers are abodes of peace and shelter from the pressures of worldly life. They provide a safe space for personal development and the pursuit of spiritual ideals. People come from many walks of life and from every corner of the world to experience the profound spirituality of ancient India, and the centuries-old disciplines of yoga, vedanta and ayurveda. Maintaining a positive spiritual atmosphere requires the involvement and participation of all guests and staff. In this regard we request your cooperation in observing the following rules and guidelines.

Dress Code

Men and women must cover shoulders, midriff and legs. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing are not permitted. This includes:

 Shorts above the knee


 Low cut and sleeveless t-shirts

 Tank tops

Guests’ behavior and dress code should be respectful of the local culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere. Observance of the dress code should be maintained at all times including during asana classes or swimming.

Prohibited Items

Smoking, alcohol, drugs are not allowed.

The use of mobile phones is only permitted in designated areas outside of class times. Pets are not allowed.


Attendance at all Ashram activities is mandatory as part of the Ashram Yoga Vacation programme.

Free Day

Sunday is a free day in our Center. There are Yoga Asana classes or coaching classes on the free day. The Teaching yoga asana classes run as Saturday & Sunday usual.


Guests are requested to observe silence during Yoga.

NO mobile allowed in the classroom.

Observe SILENCE during classes and especially during Savasana, where you integrate all you have absorbed during class.

Clean up your space at the end of class. Pick up your props and mats and put them in the designated areas as instructed by the teacher if not obvious.

If exiting early, please do so just before Savasana, not during. Figure out the best way to leave your space silently. If you have no other option,

leave your mat and props where they are and quietly leave with respect to the group.


AATYC shares photographs of training classes & events on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. If any student has a problem with the photographs to be posted on social media platforms, they are requested information to the class teacher about their objection, and please stay away from the group for a while during photography sessions. AATYC will not accept the objection of any students if they didn’t inform about their mind not to come in the frame.

Payments & Refunds

Once you will make the transfer please send us the Payment Receipt of your transaction amount for confirmation of your payment – thanks to this small help we will keep the track on your payment:-)

If you cannot pay via Transfer wise or bank transfer, we can send a RozorPay money request to your email address. You will receive a RozorPay email from us with detailed instructions regarding how to pay. Once you have received this, you will be able to pay the booking amount online using your credit card. For further details please contact us.

Please notice that all transaction fees need to be paid by a student/applicant.

Payment Terms & Condition

Please notice that we book the seats according to the chronology of the payment (“first come first served”), therefore only by paying the booking fee right after the application gives you a warranty to secure your seat.

Please let us know about the chosen payment option so that we will send you an appropriate RozorPay link or information (bank details you can find on this page when you scroll down)

All the transaction fees should be covered by a student – it refers to the fees taken by Transfer Wise, RozorPay, bank transfer, etc.

The booking fee is a part of the whole fee.

The balance fee needs to be paid throughout the bank transfer (up to two weeks before the first day of the course) or in cash (€, INR or $) on the day of arrival – please let us know what is more comfortable for you. Please notice that students who choose to pay in cash on arrival need to sign up for the agreement and accept the rules and regulations of our cancellation policy. Not paying the total fee at least two weeks before the course, nor signing the written agreement will cause the loss of the booking fee and removal from the student list.

Please notice that due to fixed traveling costs of our international teaching team and costs of organizing the TTC booking fee and the course fee are not refundable. Students are allowed to change their batch to available for the next dates.

The balance fee is strictly non-refundable and can be transferred only if a student will request us to reschedule the chosen course at least two weeks before the course start date, otherwise the fee will be lost entirely. The paid course fee is not refundable. If you have already paid for the entire course and you need to reschedule it, the same rules are applied – please inform us at least 2 weeks before the beginning of your course. If you cancel the course 2 weeks or less before its start your fee will be lost entirely

We will accept postponing the course only due to unavoidable reasons, and the paid amount can be adjusted/used in any future course you do with us within two years from the date of booking.

Cancellation Policy

The course fee including an initial deposit is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need to cancel the course due to unavoidable reasons the booking amount can be adjusted/ used for any future course that you do with us within one year from the date of booking. To reschedule your course you must inform us at least two weeks before your course start date otherwise you may lose your booking amount fee.

An advance of course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of an emergency, the students can join us on other schedules.

If the student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but the advance fee will not be refunded in cancellation.

There is no charge for course cancellation. The student just has to inform by email.

Yoga Institute is not responsible for any mishaps before the course schedule.

In case of not showing up for the training, 100% of the price is due!

AATYC reserves the right to cancel any booking that they feel necessary.

In case of cancellation by AATYC before the beginning of the course, the student will receive a 100% refund of the amount paid

AATYC is not liable for any expenses the student may have occurred including the travel expenses (e.g. flight and train tickets) even in case of a Training cancellation either by the participant or AATYC.

AATYC  is not liable for theft, accidents, or damage on, around or in the training facility, apart from intentional damage or gross negligence, delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, and the threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control. This includes injuries, illnesses.

Fees and Refunds

The student is free to leave the course at any time. In this eventuality there will not be any refund and readmission will not be agreed upon.

AATYC will not refund any deposit IF delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, and the threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control. This includes injuries, illnesses.

AATYC reserves the right to expel from the school any student who consistently disobeys the Code of Conduct, as detailed on the registration form. In this case, there won’t be any refund for the remaining days.


All Payment Cards will be processed in Rupees at the time of payment at AATYC Centre. AATYC is not responsible for any fees, charges, exchange rates, or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or Credit Card companies.

Discipline Rules for Students

Always be disciplined, respect the teachers, and follow all rules.

The deposit is not refundable, but it can be transferred to another course.

We recommend you to be punctual.  If you are running 10 mins late, according to the schedule, you will not be allowed to attend the class.

 AATYC is free to take strict action against the students if they will not follow schools laws.


Respect the teacher and your fellow students, please practice as instructed by the teacher and do not practise your own series during class.

Practice Patience and Kindness at the Registration Desk.

Sexual Harassment / Misconduct Policy

The policy approved and adopted by the AATYC- The Yoga Institute in terms of the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, as may be amended from time to time (“the Act”) and other regulations including the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The Policy may be amended from time to time as provided under the Act and any applicable laws.

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